Asian Market Close With High and Weak Start of European Market.

World market going positive side Yesterday US market mounts more than 0.50% closed in green. On Thursday Asian market follow the US market movement and it also mount nearly 0.50%. Today at closing time Nikkei  go up 0.70%, Hang Seng rose 0.59% it gain 135.34 pts, Taiwan TSEC surged 0.94%.

European Market open with weakling apart from FTSE 100 & DAX all European market going down in starting half an hour. FTSE 100 & DAX both have lead of 0.15%.

Indian market movement is was fully lackluster both Nifty & Sensex traded nearly previous close. Nifty movement seen in 24 pts up and down range.  Market closed with Red color.

Sensex Closed at 19656.80 down 9.79, Nifty Closed at 5961.35 down by10.15 pts. Bank Nifty Close  in green surged by 84.25 pts. GET  tomorrow free stock tips intraday tips share market Free stock tips


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