Whole market affected by stronger than expected US jobs growth data

Today Indian as well as Asian market in pressure due to fears of foreign outflows after stronger-than-expected US jobs growth data cemented expectations of an early end to US stimulus measures. 

In early trading US dollar hit record high after June 2010, it rose 1.61% in early trading against all Asian currency. 

Indian stock market and commodity both rang bound after gap down opening NSE Nifty below 69.30 or 1.16% at 5800.0 while BSE Sensex below 209.0 point or 1.07% at 19286.25 and same situation in whole Asian market Shanghai composite closed with lose of 2.44% while Nikkei finished below 1.41% and Hang Seng is down 1.68%.

In MCX both bullion and base metal are in pressure Gold August future fell by 0.35% and Silver September future fell by 0.63%

Indian Rupee hit record low on Monday at 61.21 in early trading as RBI sell US dollar today.

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