Asian market decline, MCX Gold Silver Calls free

Today world market also made pressure on Indian Domestic market, yesterday both US and European market closed with red side and today Asian market traded with lose of more than 1 per cent, Japan Nikkei 225 was down 2.63%, Hang Seng down 1.87% while the Shanghai Composite closed down 0.65%.

On Tuesday Morning a sharp fallen had seen on Bullion prices, at MCX gold for future delivery open at bit positive to 31175 against its previous close of Rs 31165 per 10 gram.

At MCX Gold October down 600.0 per gram trading at 30550.0 it touch day low of 30240.0, Silver future also down on weak global concern today silver trading with lose of 1555.0 at 49660.0, silver hit low of 49167.0.

BUY GOLD OCT ABOVE 30550 TGT 30650, 30750 STOPLOSS 30300

BUY SILVER SEP ABOVE 49650 TGT………….. Get more update click on FREE GOLD TIPS and stock market calls click on FREE STOCK TIPS


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